Kratom cost at Head shops

Kratom has already gained the attention of many around the world. The reason is its positive effects on our health and body. Many sellers are selling this product worldwide. Some are honest and are selling this product on an exact price but some are selling it with very much high prices as compared to the real prices. The hilarious thing is that some are selling at low prices as well. You know why? Just because the Kratom they are selling is of low quality and equally harmful to our health and body.

Prices of Kratom:

 In the market:

 The price of Kratom varies in different countries. For example, the country where the Kratom is cultivated sells it at low rates as compared to the countries where it is exported. The countries that import Kratom, sell it with 40% higher rates. If you will come to know about the market price of Kratom than it will be easy for you to choose that seller who matches with you price demand.

At the head shop:

Head shops will offer you high prices of Kratom. The reviews of the users about the Kratom they have used from head shops are not satisfactory. They claim that the Kratom of such shops is usually of low quality. The usual price of 30 gram Kratom powder is $50 (claimed by a user).

At smoke shops:

Smoke shops sell Kratom at a low price as compared to others. But the quality is not guaranteed. It has also reported that some sellers at smoke shops add some more substance in the product to make it more effective but you don’t know that the substance they have added will suit you or not?

Is Kratom licit?  

Kratom is not legal in every country. The countries in which it is legal, sell it at low prices as compared to the countries where it is still not licit.

Prices of different types of Kratom:

Below we have mentioned some prices offered by different sellers:

  • 1oz of Maeng Da kratom is $17
  • 1oz of Green Malay Kratom cost $14.99
  • White Borneo Kratom cost $9.99

 The prices of above mentioned Kratom may be high in some shops or may be low.


Getting a Kratom which is pure and high quality is a bit challenging task. Before buying Kratom you should be well aware of the reliable sellers. You should also know about your need to buy a Kratom. You should be well aware of all the properties of different strains of Kratom. Getting a low price quality Kratom is difficult for the peoples living in the area or regions where Kratom is still not licit. There is no fixed price of Kratom, therefore, don’t let anyone fools you. Don’t hurry or panic while buying a Kratom. You should not take it easy to but a Kratom because it is the matter of your health!