Kratom Crazy


What is Kratom Crazy?

Kratom products are getting more popular at the time, so people get confused about how to buy its products from a reliable source; so here is complete information for beginners and old users. Kratom Crazy is top best Kratom selling USA based store providing its users quality strains of Kratom. They have lots of farmers all over the regions who produce quality Kratom for them, they have all knowledge about suitable climate, land any many other factors. The only focus of this store is to provide best premium quality Kratom to its customers also with low price, cash back guaranteeand discounts. You can also check kratom near me option to buy kratom.

Which types they provide?

They provide a vast range of Kratom including red, green and white Kratom. Red Bali, Super Green, Red Borneo are their hot selling strains.


Most commonly it is sold as capsules and powdered form. It also comes in liquid extract form called Kratom liquid Shots; in a bottle of 10 grams costs $18.99. A sample pack with small packets of three strains is also good to go with. It consists of three hot selling strains red white and green, each in 50 grams packet and it costs $31.99. It is a must try for the beginners to get knowledge which type will suit them the most.


There are many reasons which make kratom Crazy a top selling company over the web. Some of them are;

Premium quality:

Main reason behind the popularity of the store is that they don’t compromise over quality and provide premium quality products to its users by testing it with every batch. Also it is finely ground and smells best which gives a fresh feeling.

No harsh additives:

These products are free from harsh additives and give a pleasant feel.


You have to become their loyal customer to enjoy discounts as they offer their loyal customers many discounts. If you buy in bulk you will get more discount.

Shipment and delivery:

Most attractive thing to buy from Kratom Crazy is their fast and quick shipment all over the world. The day you order they send the shipment at the same or very next day. Orders are taken only in weekdays. Delivery charges are $2.99 and free shipment is offered on shopping of $50 and above.

Attractive website:

If you open their website by typing you will see the colour scheme and guidelines are so beautifully featured that it makes it attractive and easy to use.

Cash back guarantee:

Main reason for having satisfied and happy customers is their money back guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of their product he can contact them easily to get his cashback.


Although the store is most liked on the web but it has some problems also like;

Order quantity: One thing that annoys some people about them is that they accept orders in large amount like for powder it must be 100 grams and for capsules the order should be 250 grams which contains 425 capsules.

Payment method

One more factor which is inappropriate is their payment method because they only accept card payments and for other methods you have to ask them which is quite annoying.

Customer’s reviews

If we go to Kratom Crazy website we can find many positive reviews by its customers which show that it has maximum number of happy and satisfied customers.

Cooperative customer care

Their customer care center properly guide the customers and provide them every possible help if required.

So this seems the best online store for quality kratom products with open reviews of its customers on the website.