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Kratom OG is one of the best Kratom sellers online. They have an experience of 8 years in this field and know much about the quality and consistency. All the products they offer are of a high premium quality. They get kratom from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia by the best providers there. They say that you have the right to know everything about the products and the vendor. There are so many vendors in the markets who are not trustworthy but you have to ask and know everything before you make a purchase. So they offer that the customers are always welcome to ask anything from them.

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How is the quality?

Kratom sold by Kratom OG is premium quality kratom and it is produced by reliable harvesters from Indonesia and Thailand, by following all good practices and quality measures for a better production of the plant. They say that the whole process of the production of the plant affects the nature and properties of the kratom and has a different impact on the alkaloids present in it. Their main focus is on quality and consistency. They claim that the consistency should remain the same throughout the batches. Many other steps have impacts on the product such as sourcing, handling, drying, packaging and storing. For a quality product they follow all these steps carefully and brilliantly. 

What makes them special?

Kratom OG has their own strains which you cannot find anywhere else. They have produced more than 9 strains which are unique and they are proud to be the only manufacturer of them. They offer many blends which they have created themselves. With higher standards the vendor has best practices to produce the products with consistency. They also guarantee all the strains they have. Products are also changed when new strains take place. While talking about the bulk option they offer very fair and affordable prices.

What do they sell?

    While shopping in bulk they offer many options, like if you want a half kg then you can make a split of it in two strains and if you are going to purchase in kg then it can be split into four strains with no additional charges. They only sell powder kratom. You will get alot of options in strains while shopping from them, some of them are mentioned below;

  • OG Green MD
  • OG White MD
  • OG Red Thai MD
  • Super Green
  • White Horn
  • Chocolate
  • Super Elephant
  • Premium Gold MD
  • Premium Red MD
  • Premium White MD
  • Red Dragon
  • Pink JongKong
  • Green JongKong
  • White JongKong
  • Red Siawan
  • White Slippery Rock
  • Red Aceh
  • Green Aceh
  • White  Aceh
  • Yellow Aceh
  • Complex-1
  • Complex-2

All the strains cost from $18-$89 depends on quantity and types. 

For bulk it costs $52 for Half Kg and $89 for Kg.

Shipping and delivery

They ship from Jersey, US. USPS is used for shipping and it takes 2-7 days for the delivery. They have announced that they have a lot of orders which they are trying to handle and are difficult for them. They ship to states where the kraton is legal.


  • Premium quality
  • Unique own strains
  • Affordable price
  • Good practices
  • Reliable sources
  • Bulk options
  • Polite customer care


  • Delivery not fast
  • No free delivery offered on website
  • No return or exchange offered
  • A link was shared for orders not directly
  • Website is not upto date
  • Only powder kratom